With over 10 million tons of plastic entering our oceans yearly, responsible recycling has never been more important in our quest for rapid urbanisation.
Unrecycled plastic waste globally accumulates at
Unrecycled plastic waste locally accumulates at
Plastic, the fuel for
modern society
We recognize that plastic use is a necessity. From food packaging to everyday stationery, plastics are used in our daily lives, yet often needlessly disposed of without being recycled through poor waste management.

Traditional plastic recycling efforts are only occurring on a small scale and require that plastic is clean and sorted. This results in increased costs and leaves us with the existing problem of degraded plastics being left to oceans and landfills.
Plastic recycling now made meaningful
With Magorium’s proprietary recycling technology, plastic can be given new life – one spent outside of oceans or incinerators –as NEWBitumen.

NEWBitumen is created from all types of used plastic through a mix of cutting-edge technology and environmentally-safe techniques.

Because NEWBitumen is made from all types of plastic, it is a cheaper, safer and more sustainable method of plastic recycling. Together, we can create an ecosystem that leads to a future with meaningful practices and cleaner oceans.
Cleaner oceans for a greener world
At Magorium, we aim to provide businesses and developers with the ability to dispose of plastics responsibly, quickly and affordably, eventually moving beyond the reliance of wasteful incineration and disposal.

From waste
to progress.

Recycling and adopting proper waste management is everyone’s responsibility. When plastic is recycled responsibly, environmental harm is minimized and progress becomes truly sustainable.

Our ambition is to create a circular economy for plastic waste that feeds directly into responsible and minimal-waste urbanization. Ultimately cutting out excessive transportation, refining and unnecessary cleaning.

The Environmental Harm of Urbanisation.

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